• Managed Care Systems
  • HMO (local)
  • PPO (regional)
  • Premium?
  • Medical Deductible?
  • Co-Pays?
  • M.O.O.P.P. (Maximum Out Of Pocket Protection Limit)
  • Ancillary Benefits: SOME include hearing, vision, gym membership, transportation to and from facilities, etc. (vary)

There is a lot of confusion regarding Medicare Advantage plans. We have heard many myths and cleared up many misunderstandings for our clients.

We hear things like:

  • “You do not have coverage if you travel”
  • “you get what you pay for,”
  • “it’s too good too be true”
  • and we have even heard “all plans are alike…”

These ideas are WRONG!
TRUTH: Emergency and urgent care is always covered, even when you travel. 

TRUTH: Coordinated care can work very well for many people. Some premier medical institutions have used this model for decades, like Mayo Clinic. Mayo Clinic uses a managed care system.
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