There is a lot to consider, like:
  • What insurance do you have now?
  • Does your employer offer any options when you retire?
  • How does your choice affect your spouse/partner?
  • What medications do you take and what will they cost on a Medicare plan?
  • Do you have any upcoming procedures?
  • How much will your drugs costs when you transition from pre-65 health care to Medicare?
  • What are YOU looking for in your plan?
  • Is self-directed care important to you or do you prefer to rely on medical professionals to direct your care?
Both Original Medicare and many Medicare Advantage plans allow for self-directed care. So, if you want to self-direct your care, you have options in the Medicare Advantage world. Supplements are no longer the only game in town. Medicare plans have changed dramatically in the past decade. It is a competitive marketplace with many good choices. Over the past decade, advantage plan and drug plan costs have been declining while supplement premiums have mostly risen. One important consideration is your primary care choice if you choose an HMO. This person will be particularly important to you and will be responsible for coordinating your care. It is important you make a good choice for YOU. The majority of Medicare Advantage plans in our area do NOT have Medical deductibles or drug plan deductibles. Medicare Advantage plan coverage is always available when you travel in an urgent care or emergency situation. Advantage plans are similar in concept to employer plans that many people have been familiar with most of their lives. Fact-check things you’ve heard – especially things like “too good to be true” and “you get what you pay for.”