Our Process

Our mission is to empower YOU to make a wise decision about your healthcare and there is never a cost to you for our services.

It’s EZ to Get Your Medicare Here

Our 3 step process is intelligently designed to eliminate any bias and empower YOU to get your best plan.  MediBearCare will help YOU discover what is most important to YOU. We work for YOU!


We ask the right questions and quickly determine if we can help YOU!


Learn the facts about Medicare and dispel the misinformation and myths.


We’ll submit all appropriate paperwork to start your plan, verify your enrollment status, and become your senior healthcare navigators, helping you now and in the future with your senior healthcare planning needs.

Evaluate your Current Situation

We ask the right questions and quickly determine if we can help YOU! Where are you now? What is your current health insurance and how it differs from Medicare? How will Medicare work for YOU? Are you a Veteran, federal, or other government retiree? If so, you have unique planning needs.
How does your choice affect your spouse? Do you have an employer option? Will you pay extra taxes for your Medicare due to your financial situation?
Do you qualify for state and or federal assistance paying for your Medicare medical services and medications?

Inform and Empower Yourself

The next step in our process will INFORM and EMPOWER YOU to make YOUR best plan decision. We are senior healthcare specialists. We know what YOU need to know, and we will empower you. Know what you don’t know and contact us for professional and comprehensive senior healthcare planning.

Analyze, Plan, Implement

Now that you are informed and better understand your options, it’s time to PLAN and IMPLEMENT. We start here by analyzing your unique healthcare needs and goals. What’s important to YOU? Your doctors, your medications, your healthcare budget, your travel, self-directed care options (PPO or Secondary A,B,C,D,F,G,K,L,M,N), managed care options(HMO,POS,PPO,SNP,etc), Part D drug plans, up-coming procedures, ancillary benefits, pay as you go vs pay monthly, income related taxes, etc…

Now that we know what is important to you, we will help you sort through all available options and recommend the plan that’s right for YOU. Once you have decided which plan is right for you with our guidance, all that’s left now is to enroll you in the plan of your choice. We will become your agent of record and be available to assist you when needed.