There are many insurance companies, salespeople, national and international call centers but there are very few sources that we know of for independent, local, and unbiased senior healthcare planning experience. That is what we provide.

Barry (Bear) Davis

MediBearCare Founder & Advisor

Texas A&M, B.S., Engineering:1987
FL Insurance License #: W156111
A.H.I.P. Certified

Genevieve (Gen) Davis

MediBearCare Founder & Advisor

University of New Orleans, B.A. English:1990
University of West Florida, M.Ed. Education:1993
Florida Insurance License #: W237669
A.H.I.P. Certified

Our Story

At MediBearCare, we know Medicare. We can help you get the best plan for you when you on-board to Medicare, and we can help you pivot when your needs change in the future.

Bear has over 30 years of experience in financial planning, insurance planning, estate planning, tax planning, investment advice, and strategic planning. Prior to owning and operating his own fee-only financial planning and asset management firm, Bear was a strategic planning engineer for IBM Corp. He is uniquely qualified to help you make the best choice possible about your Medicare health plan.

Genevieve was a high school English teacher for two decades, and she brings a wealth of knowledge, compassion and empathy to MediBearCare. She loves helping people make thoughtful, financially sound decisions about their healthcare because she has learned from her clients what a stressful, intimidating transition on-boarding to Medicare can be. She has seen first hand how Bear’s financial expertise has saved clients a TON of money – many have saved thousands of dollars a year with his help! Gen knows that everyone who gets to have Bear help them with their Medicare is extremely fortunate, and it is her mission to help as many people as she can benefit from Bear’s genius.