At MediBearCare, we believe that choosing a Medicare plan should be the by-product of a thoughtful process.

We have helped more than a thousand of your neighbors find their best solution, and we can help you, too. In our experience, most people don’t want to become experts. They want to trust a senior healthcare specialist. Trying to become an expert might paralyze you, so we recommend that you call us instead of feeling unnecessarily overwhelmed. You have an enormous number of choices available to you. If you go to and put in our zip code, 34667, here’s what you’ll find: 18 Insurance Companies, 100+ Plan Combinations, 78 Advantage Plans, 28 Drug Plans, 12 Letter Types (Supplements: A,B,C,D,F,G,K,L,M.N plus High deductible versions of some lettered plans) All plans that are offered on are adequate. They are required by law to meet STRICT standards set by the government. However, if “adequate” is not your goal and you’d prefer to have someone help you separate the best plan for you from the rest of the chatter, confusion and noise, contact us.

Transitions create opportunities and confusion. We can help you choose a plan while you’re operating from a position of strength with all the facts. KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!